Friday, July 30, 2010

A Night On Earth

Sew your tale of star-crossed love across the stars tonight,
Rest well between Orion’s arms and yon adoring sky.
I’ve always known the moments here were stolen from the Gods,
My heart has sinned and body placed my mind and soul at odds.
Exiled earth where men are weak is where one must be brave ,
Immortality is archaic with both feet upon your grave.
So cast your eyes, such gentle spies, down to the world below,
Wait for fate with patient gate to pass with tales of woe.

Here we are tonight, in an embrace we can’t remit,
I, seeking a night to remember, you, a few moments to forget.
Forgive my fumbling fingers, they are feeling for your sighs,
As we dream of all the music that makes you close your eyes.
In a time when sad songs mean more, all songs seem so sad,
Honest whispers waste what once again has failed at being had.
Am I a fool not to remember, or a fool to still believe,
Here I wait for you to fall in love, though it will never be with me.

Written 2000 © Charles L. Liotta

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